Ways Political Corruption Is Perpetrated In the United States

A developed economy and political system like the United States is often viewed from the perspective of non-tolerance to certain social and societal evils including discrimination and corruption. While it must be appreciated that the US has made significant progress in putting in place frameworks and mechanisms to help it fight corruption, there exists some loopholes through which the vice is still perpetrated even today. Below are some of the ways the political system is tolerating corruption instead of fighting it.

Funding of Political Campaigns

US has one of the lengthiest political campaigns in the world where candidates spend huge amounts of money in adverts aimed at pushing their agenda. This means for most of their time, the candidates are fundraising and taking massive donations from interested parties mostly the large corporates in exchange for political and regulatory favors. The presidential campaigns in the United States cost almost $1 billion each and these funds are contributed by the wealthiest who have interests to be protected. This is nothing compared to the cheap moving companies nyc.

Regulatory Compromise

Politicians have been at the forefront in championing the interests of certain industries because of vested interests. Billions of dollars have been spent on lobbyists who have been employed by bankers to push for the removal of cumbersome rules and give some players in the banking industry a wide operational leverage. This is a typical case of how political corruption can spill over to financial corruption to an extent of legalizing it. The global financial meltdown of 2008 was perpetrated in part by the absence of regulations and government auditing thanks to corruption in regulatory compliance.

Ballooning Military Budgets

The US military budget is one of the most enormous budgets in the entire world. Unfortunately, close to half of this budget is utilized on outsourced services and not on the military. Some individuals have been plying lucrative trades by forming companies that later supply goods and services to colleagues still serving in the forces. Most of these companies are serving political interests and hence the budget will continue growing with no tangible improvement on the quality of the military.

Taxation on the Rich

The wealthiest guys in the economy have all the mechanisms to rope in our politicians with an aim of convincing through unconventional means to reduce taxes on the rich. This has made the American economy to have uneven distribution of wealth where 400 American billionaires own over $2 trillion which is equivalent to the worth of the bottom 150 million Americans.

Political Corruption of the Media

The media has to a larger extent violated their own ethics in order to appeal to a certain political faction or orientation. For instance, on the issue of carbon emissions, the politically connected billionaires have been using the media to push for an alternative agenda where human carbon emissions are not seen as the main causative agents of global warming. This has led to resistance in the urgency to slash carbon footprint and this has enriched the big companies.

Therefore, inasmuch as other countries are grappling with the issue of corruption within their systems, Uncle Sam too has a case to answer.

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