The State of American Politics

Ok this is a very touchy subject and could be a total black hole but seriously America WTF!

I don’t care if you are Republican or Democrat you have to be pretty upset and disenchanted with the candidates. I mean another Clinton…you’ve got to be kidding me and you think this is democracy? If Clinton were elected then the Bush’s and Clinton’s would be 3 out of the last 4 presidents. That is just ridiculous. How about more of the same people!

And Trump? Really how stupid are Americans? This makes me ashamed to be America. Seriously a narcissistic pathological liar whom is also racist and a womanizer. Yeah great idea to have this guy as a president.

Then there is Bernie Sanders…well you have to respect his consistency. He has been saying the same thing over and over and over for the last thirty years. He certainly doesn’t owe anybody anything and seems to have the general publics best interest as heart. But a guy like him will never get elected and even if he did it he wouldn’t be able to get anything done from his campaign platform. Why you might ask? Well it’s pretty simple and this happened with Obama as well.

In all reality the President actually will effect very little change if the house and senate can’t figure out a way to compromise.  Why is that? Well because we have career politicians in the house and senate that have been bought and paid for by special interest groups that don’t want to see any change unless it favors their monied interests. Which I can guarantee you don’t align with what Sanders or any other president for that matter.

What is really sad is the most Americans are to stupid to care. They are either un educated in the process and how midterm elections for congress and senate actually matter more then the presidential election or they are blinded by religion or even worse both.

Change is really slow to happen and it is going to take something big and so traumatic to happen for American’s to wake up and start taking action to vote people into office that do represent their interests. I’m not sure what this is but fear and pain is what motivates people. This is why Trump is even in the running, he is great at motivating through fear.

What do you think about the state of American politics?

No Knock Raids

In the spirit of remembering Tracy I’d like to share some quick info about no knock raids.

So here are five interesting facts you probably didn’t know about no knock raids.

  1. Police around the country are given the go ahead on more than 20,000 raids per year. This completely defeats the initial purpose which was that these raids be used in the most extreme situations.
  2. Judges routinely approve these with one signature and do so more often than they decline them. This give local police the authority to pretty much do whatever they want. Judges whom are supposed to represent the publics best interest are not. No surprise there.
  3. The majority of no knock raids were used to execute a search warrant, almost always in the case of a drug investigation. Less than 10% of the time were they used in hostage situations or active shooter situations. Which was one of the original designs of the no knock raid.
  4. A strikingly low percentage of the time the raids actually yielded any drugs or contraband. Proving that they are not used appropriately.
  5. At least 10% of the time the raid actually occurs at the wrong address. This could have serious consequences. For example, image you are a law abiding citizen and you have a legal firearm.  In the early morning say 3 a.m. boom your door is smashed in and all hell breaks loose you are woken abruptly triggering a natural fight or flight response. Well if you have a firearm handy your instinct would be to grab it and be ready to defend yourself. You can imagine how the rest plays out.

To be fair the police and local authorities are doing their best to investigate and prosecute those whom are committing crimes and making our communities unsafe but at what cost?

Seems like there is collateral damage either way. Would you rather have a somewhat safer community or a dangerous one?

So many deep systemic problems in the U.S. and it’s difficult to fix because by doing one thing you have a drastic impact on many others.

What do you think? Are no knock raids excessive use of force or a necessary tool for local authorities to be effective?